Professor of Finance at IESE Business School.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) Founding Team.

CEPR & ECGI Fellow.

Board Member at Banc Sabadell.


This is the central topic in my research agenda. It includes questions regarding the impact on firm value, investments and executive compensation.


I explore the incentives to engage in M&A, the effects on premiums and probabilities to become a target.


I analyze how female board representation has an impact on reducing gender pay gaps among executives.


Recently, I estimate the level of AI adoption by firms and the impact on value, investments and wage premia.


The Global Standard for Business Research

WRDS Data Platform

WRDS is an online platform that provides access to 70+ data providers. As well, it delivers tools to speed up research production and online classroom teaching.

Director of International Initiatives

In 2001, we launched the internationalization of our services. We opened the EMEA market which currently provides 1/3 of WRDS turnover.

ECGI Global Colloquia Conference

Are minority shareholders truly protected by the Mandatory Bid Rule in most European Countries? MBR is triggered when a shareholder…

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Rebuilding Ukraine

What does it take to keep a country running at war? How to avoid bank runs and ensure that citizens…

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Technological Development and Competition in Banking

A great pleasure to talk with Fernando Restoy, Chairman of the Financial Stability Institute at the Bank for International Settlements,…

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Jamie Dimon’s interview on May 1st, 2023 – the day First Republic was acquired.

The deal was agreed upon the night before. The next day, JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, received IESE at the headquarters…

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How is the European banking system different from the US? IESE Banking Meeting 2023

The banking crisis that started with the failure of SV Bank and led to the acquisition of First Republic by…

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AI investing as a path for innovation – the Allianz X way

AI for Good, GAR 2022 Munich. My session explored the challenges and opportunities of investing in AI-driven business models and…

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