Leadership for Growth

This course explores the financial and strategic challenges of the different growth phases of a business. We accompany CEOs and entrepreneurs of mid-size business in their design of a sustainable growth path.

Strategic Finance in time of Crisis

This is a workshop-style program that helps executives refocus on business priorities and rethink their core competencies in times of crisis. The goal is to support the design of new business opportunities.


The FinTech Revolution: How Big Data, AI, and Blockchain are changing Finance - MBA, EMBA

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fintech revolution. We will explore how Big Data, AI and Blockchain address market inefficiencies offer interesting entry points to fintech players. We will cover main developments in (i) Lending/Consumer Finance, (ii) Payments, and (iii) Trading & Investing with a special focus on Blockchain technology.

Capital Markets  - MBA

Capital Markets intends to be an introductory course to the most important investment products, their behaviors as well as their environment. You will understand the role financial markets and their agents play in managerial decision-making and value creation.

Operational Finance  - MBA, EMBA

This is an introductory course in Corporate Finance. The course focuses on the financing required for the normal operations of the company. It will enable you to see the financial consequences of your decisions in operations, marketing, human resources, etc. All these day-to-day decisions have important effects on the income statement, the balance sheet and the strategy of the company.

Corporate Finance - MBA, EMBA

This course focuses on how to make long term investment decisions, how to do project investment analysis, and the different methodologies to evaluate them. As well, we cover capital structure and dividend policy decisions.