AI investing as a path for innovation – the Allianz X way

AI for Good, GAR 2022 Munich.

My session explored the challenges and opportunities of investing in AI-driven business models and whether this is a natural channel to facilitate innovation at larger corporations, such as Allianz. Allianz X is the 1B investment arm of Allianz, focusing on late-stage AI startups in the fintech and insurance space, that are ready to scale up.

A few ideas from our conversation:

– They have learned that prioritizing strategic impact will fail. To avoid the random walk in the Death Valley they focus on financial return.

– They invest in late-stage companies that work with corporates already. The importance of culture and having aligned processes already in place.

– Large investments (100-200M) allow them to have board seats and be an active sparring partner. They support the companies; help steer them and scale with Allianz.